Hello friend!

So what's this Padfield Ventures thing everyone's talking about?

Padfield Ventures is an incubator / accelerator program that nurtures the next generation of content creators.

Successful applicants (from idea stage to growth stage) will be given a capital injection, mentorship from a top creator, and support from a team of industry experts spanning content, PR, legal, monetization, & more.

In exchange, we accept equity from the creator and split any revenue above a set threshold.


What are you?

- A venture capital fund for creators.
- The world's first risk-free opportunity for creators to launch their careers.
- The first financing option for documentaries/films/game-shows/anythings to be published on social media.


Why are you doing this?

It's simple really. Digital content creators are making more money than ever before. Streamers are getting more live viewers than primetime TV. Producing online content is treated more and more like startup companies.

When influencers are delivering better returns than most tech startups and are influencing millions in the process, we believe they should have access to the same resources & support as early-stage founders.


How can I help?

Right now, we're focused on two things. Raising additional capital to invest into creators & adding more mentors to our line-up.

We're trying to raise as much of our funding as possible from successful creators with value-add rather than professional investors but we're open to discussing.

We've got our development & operating expenses covered, the vast majority of new capital will go straight into creators.

Mentors not only help us deliver our programme but allow us to attract more creators, more funding, & more mentors. We're looking for mentors from every field of digital media from vloggers to documentary makers to streamers.


What's in it for me?

It's so simple, we can do this in bullet points:
- You'll own part of the company building the next generation of creators and the world's most powerful digital alumni network.
- You'll be helping creators at all stages hit their wildest targets while entertaining millions.
- You'll have direct access to the rising starts of entertainment.
- We'll be sure to send you a super-comfortable hoodie with our logo on it. :)


How do I learn more?

We've got even more information about how the accelerator works on our Home page and Creators page.

If you want to learn more our business model and how we could partner for mentorship, investment, or anything else, you can find ways to contact us below.

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